White Bohemian Now Stocking 180EYEWEAR

We are excited to announce that 180EYEWEAR is now available at White Bohemian, Palm Beach, Gold Coast.  White Bohemian is a renowned retail boutique known for its bohemian fashion collections, accessories and homewares. Whether you're a local or a visitor chasing the sun on the Gold Coast, be sure to stop by White Bohemian in Palm Beach to explore our premium eyewear collection.

The White Bohemian Boutique Endless Summer Lifestyle

White Bohemian is celebrated for supporting bespoke local Australian brands, Alemais, Estilo Emporio and Spell to name a few, and curating the perfect Endless Summer pieces for your home and lifestyle. Their dedication to offering unique, stylish and high-quality products aligns perfectly with the 180EYEWEAR philosophy of 'inspiring you to see the world in style'.

A Personalised Shopping Experience In-store and Online

Visit Sharon and the ladies at White Bohemian for a personalised shopping experience. Whether you're looking for the latest in bohemian fashion or our new range of premium eyewear, they are ready to assist you in finding the perfect pieces.

Shop in-store or explore our collection online at White Bohemian.

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