Inspired Design

'Devil is in the details' and we invite you to discover the meticulous craftsmanship and heartfelt inspiration that defines 'Rufus', a collection very close to our hearts, one that inspired our creative journey.

As we commenced building the brand and conceptualising eyewear designs, the birth of 'Rufus' started with a concept deeply rooted in our admiration for 'Rufus', our beloved French bulldog.

'Rufus' isn't merely a collection of eyewear; it's a story, an ode to the companionship, playfulness and love that our brindle furry friend brings into our lives. 

Crafted With Heart

The heart of 'Rufus' lies in the premium handcrafted 8mm acetate frames, chosen for their durability and luxurious feel. These beveled frames, paired with the meticulous detailing and exquisite gold trims are not arbitrary; they are the strokes of love and dedication that transform 'Rufus' into wearable unapologetic bold statement pieces.

Central to the collection, is the use of sustainable premium acetates, that were carefully selected to enhance both the visual appeal and longevity of each frame.

'Rufus' isn't just a reflection of our commitment to style; it's a testament to our dedication to providing eyewear that stands the test of time, just like the memories we share with our furry companion.

Crystal-Clear Vision, Protection And Functionality

With 'Rufus', clarity is key and we needed to launch with premium lenses that provided alignment with our future-focused 180° brand vision. The black CR39 Category 3 lenses not only provide crystal-clear vision but also ensure 100% UVA/UVB protection. A scratch-resistant coating guarantees longevity, while 7-barrel OBE gold hinges add a touch of durability and functionality to each pair.

Elevate Your Look

'Rufus' is more than eyewear; it's a statement of refined elegance. Whether you choose to model 'Rufus' ft. Gloss Black, Pearl White or Transparent Green (our OG colour, to match our premium green packaging), each frame offers versatility to elevate your style.

'Rufus' invites you to redefine elegance, inspired by our canine's charm.

Driven By Lifestyle

When building the brand, our driving force was lifestyle and 'Rufus' is such an integral part of our life, so it only felt fitting that our initial collection was named after him. 'Rufus', is a reflection on our cherished bond and a testament to our belief that true style begins with a heartfelt concept and passion.

We invite you to experience 'Rufus', crafted with heart and guided by a concept and inspiration that goes beyond trends.





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